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Old Comic — August 10, 2016

Old Comic

Okay. I haven’t been here in a while, but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on my comics. This might not be the right platform for posting them.

That being said I would still like to share my journey here. I’ve been doing a lot of practicing lately, getting better at drawing and coloring, etc. I’m interested in revamping an old comic of mine.

I wrote it 2-3 years ago with little planning and it shows. I changed art programs in the middle of it and the style changed drastically several times as I was experimenting with the new program. Basically it stinks.

But I think the story itself is salvageable. So with my new skills, I think I would like to take another stab at it and see if I can make it work better than the first pass (which, dear me I hope so. The first pass was pretty terrible, lol).

If anyone is interested in reading the original (it does have some nice moments, I’ve been told) it is hosted here: http://www.smackjeeves.com/comicprofile.php?id=144377

I will try and get moving on this project, but I want to have a buffer before I start posting so I’ll let you know my progress. And I will try to be less neglectful of my little blog here.

“Success Voice” activate!!!

Ava and May p. 1 — February 24, 2016

Ava and May p. 1


It isn’t much but I wanted to put up what I finished today. I have more to clean and make pretty for you all ( I may just edit this post later when those are done). I would adore any thoughts or feedback on these characters. Thanks guys!

Comics Tomorrow Then… —

Comics Tomorrow Then…

I drew a comic for you all, but it’s not ready and I have to go to bed now. Boo.

Long story short, I had to get my computer to communicate with my scanner and that was harder than I anticipated, lol.

But I got the first of three pages scanned and tomorrow I will finish scanning and cleaning. I will get it posted as soon as I can, so look forward to that!

Just a fair warning, this is not a super polished comic. My art is still amateur and I’ve got a long way to go, so I hope what I post tomorrow doesn’t disappoint anyone. On the other hand, if I downplay it then maybe I will surprise you? A little? Idk, lol.

Anyway, comics tomorrow. Goodnight for now internet world! ❤

My Dreams — February 23, 2016

My Dreams

Lately I’ve been drawn to a lot of encouraging talk. Things like “you can achieve anything that you dream” and “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. I don’t think this is a coincidence seeing as how I’m trying to push myself to do something I haven’t done before with this blog and my comics.

These messages keep finding their way to me and make me wonder if there is something to this dream of mine. I keep finding examples of people who have found relative success doing similar things (we’re not talking mansions in Hollywood here, but doing what they love for a living, meager though it may be).

It’s all adding up to the fact that I can do this. I can make this happen, and I can make this work. It’s not about luck, it’s not about innate ability, it is about hard work and determination.

I know that I can draw comics, I’ve done it many times. I’ve gotten people to laugh and even to become a bit emotional with comics I’ve done in the past. And those weren’t even comics that I’m proud of, I just wanted to draw something. Anything.

There’s a Chinese proverb, and forgive me if I paraphrase, that goes something like “the man who rises before six am, 360 days a year, never fails to make his family rich.” The idea being that anyone who puts that much time and effort into a thing is unlikely to fail.

Can you still fail if you wake up at six am every day for a year? Of course, but I think the idea here is a mindset change, not a magic number for when you happen to get out of bed. Our comfort zones are our biggest enemies and more often than not they are the thing keeping us from the life we really want.

I’m ready for a change.

Comics Are Go — February 20, 2016

Comics Are Go

Ah sweet harmony! Everything works and I can finally use my tablet effectively! I have something to work on today, but I hope to get something posted here soon.

I know that it’s too early for anyone to be paying much attention to my baby blog here, but I figure if you build it, they will come? Idk, that’s what I’m going for anyway.

Goals: blog every day; work on comics/drawing every day; try not to obsess over site stats that are meaningless at this point anyway.

That last bit. That might kill me.

Uh-huh, So Convenient… — February 19, 2016

Uh-huh, So Convenient…

I know everything will be fine once I get everything set up properly, but I need to vent my frustrations right now while updates for my art program are downloading.

I’ve been trying most of the evening to draw in Manga Studio using my spiffy new WACOM Intros tablet and having little to no luck. The controls are floaty and laggy, despite my best efforts to correct the problem. I feel like I’ve checked everything I know to check and I’ve even consulted the almighty Google, with little success.


But, then I discovered that there is a newer version of Manga Studio that I need to upgrade to. So with that and a few other tips I haven’t tried yet, I’m hoping to solve all these issues relatively soon.

That does not alleviate the aggravation of having wasted almost an entire evening trying to get my digital setup functioning properly. It will be amazing once all of my components are speaking harmoniously to each other in a heavenly chorus of artistic joy…

But right now… I wait.AngryWaiting