I’m Holly Dae.  I write this blog, such as it is, to help me better understand myself and the world around me.  Truth is a constant theme in my life, and I will never stop searching for it.  Likely I will never fully understand anything, but the idea is to never be satisfied and to always be learning. That’s the ideal anyway.

Seeing as I’m seeking truth, I should start out with truth. I’ve hesitated in the past to share much about myself because people judge. They judge you by your age, by your marital status, by your job, your place in the world, your height, your weight, etc. etc.  Judgement scares me, because I’ve spent all my life worrying about the opinions of others, but I digress. The truth about me, for those who are curious, is that I am 32 years old, happily married, and a mother to two young girls ( 8 and 3).

I would ask that you not assume you know me, though.  I’ve told you a few small facts about myself, but I am infinitely more than those facts.  I give you a small peek into my life as an attempt to share a bit of where I’m coming from, but of course that is only where I am currently and that doesn’t speak of where I’ve been. That’s what this blog will be for, I suppose.