I’ve been told that if you don’t know where you are going, you’ll get there. Meaning that if you have no destination that you will end up going nowhere.

On the other side of that coin, if you have a destination but your plan for getting there is either incomplete or unrealistic you probably won’t make it. That cute saying about “shoot for the moon and at least you will land among the stars” seems silly to me since I know that stars are actually much farther away than the moon. Technicality, yes, but it takes the motivation out of it because it just sounds cliche.

Sometimes what I need to remember is just to put your head down and work. As crazy as that sounds to most people, it’s more motivating to me to just see something getting done. It might be a small step, but I have something I can show people other than a plan or a goal.

For me planning is easy. Setting goals is easy. Making a master plan for my life to get me from point A to point B is a breeze! Problem is that then I get intimidated by my plan. The goal seems too far away and I get bogged down looking at mile one of a 100 mile journey.

I want to be at mile 100. I want the goal. I want to be at the finish line right now. So then I try to speed up the plan, shortcut to the goal. This never works, and more likely I just derail the plan altogether.

My best solution? Just work. Stop tracking how far away the goal is and just do something for today. Draw something, write something, just get something done. A lot of little somethings will eventually add up to a bigger something.

I am not saying this is what everyone should do, but for me I feel like I’ve read one too many self-help books. I keep trying to find shortcuts to success and I haven’t found one yet. There is no magic bullet, there is no fairy godmother, and there is no spoon.

So I’m just going to stare reality in the face and get going.