Well, last week’s goals got derailed. I haven’t worked out a weekly schedule and I really need to. I need to plan ahead so that comics and blogging have a spot everyday no matter what else is going on.


No but honestly… it’s pretty easy for me to get discouraged. I can make plans and goals all day long, but I’m a creator and my fuel is knowing that someone is seeing the work I do. Whether that is writing, drawing, or any other thing I create (like crochet, paper mache, clay, or other odd craft I picked up that week).

I don’t need applause or accolades (not that they aren’t appreciated), but just knowing that someone is expecting my work is enough to keep me going.

That being said, I know I just started this blog. I don’t know how to let anyone know it’s here. I’m not a suave social networker, I barely have a twitter and I hate Facebook, so I don’t know how to cast a net to let people know that this blog is active and going.

I check my stats obsessively, it’s stupid but I can seem to help it. I stare at those zeros multiple times a day. Zero views, zero comments, zero likes. Zero, zero,zero. Zero.

Some people would say something about making art for art’s sake, just for you and not to care about whether anyone sees it or not. I think that idea is silly. What artist makes things and then just shoves them in a closet? We make art to share it!

There’s a big difference between sharing your art and peddling it for pats on the back or to get paid. I want people to see it, I’m not asking for anything beyond that. I find myself wishing this site didn’t have stats. Then I could pretend that someone is reading.

I’m sulking, I know. It’s only been a couple of weeks and this is blog post #9. I’m not even in double digits yet. I haven’t posted a comic yet. I’ve barely done anything. So what am I upset about? Emotions don’t always make sense.

What I do know is that I need a new source of motivation. I want to post comics and get something DONE! But I have to get the idea of those zeros out of my head so I can move forward. It’s far too early to let that stop me. Otherwise I will never get anywhere and that is not what I want to happen.

Sorry for the rant. I know this is not entertaining for anyone, but I am operating under the idea that no one is reading at the moment. So I’m going to write whatever comes to mind for now. It certainly can’t make me lose readers at this point. Heh… TuT