Lately I’ve been drawn to a lot of encouraging talk. Things like “you can achieve anything that you dream” and “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. I don’t think this is a coincidence seeing as how I’m trying to push myself to do something I haven’t done before with this blog and my comics.

These messages keep finding their way to me and make me wonder if there is something to this dream of mine. I keep finding examples of people who have found relative success doing similar things (we’re not talking mansions in Hollywood here, but doing what they love for a living, meager though it may be).

It’s all adding up to the fact that I can do this. I can make this happen, and I can make this work. It’s not about luck, it’s not about innate ability, it is about hard work and determination.

I know that I can draw comics, I’ve done it many times. I’ve gotten people to laugh and even to become a bit emotional with comics I’ve done in the past. And those weren’t even comics that I’m proud of, I just wanted to draw something. Anything.

There’s a Chinese proverb, and forgive me if I paraphrase, that goes something like “the man who rises before six am, 360 days a year, never fails to make his family rich.” The idea being that anyone who puts that much time and effort into a thing is unlikely to fail.

Can you still fail if you wake up at six am every day for a year? Of course, but I think the idea here is a mindset change, not a magic number for when you happen to get out of bed. Our comfort zones are our biggest enemies and more often than not they are the thing keeping us from the life we really want.

I’m ready for a change.