Goals for this week: blog every day; brainstorm comic ideas; put up two “test” comics

I haven’t decided what I want my core comic to be about. I’m juggling a couple of ideas in my head and I need to decide what I want to do. On the one hand I want to draw about something I know so I will have a lot of content to put out, but on the other hand I want it to be something I’m excited about so I’ll look forward to working on it.

I have an idea about a group of robots, that would be really fun. I also have an idea about a little girl and her funny little life. The girl’s story would probably be more accessible, but I also worry that it could be too average. The robots would be different, but they might not be as easy to write.

I think I’ll try a little of both and see how I like each one. My two test comics this week will be one from each story. If anyone is reading, at any point, I hope I can get some feedback to decide which story to develop. I’ll probably hold on to the other idea and put that out at a later date.

Or maybe I’ll just keep writing both. Who knows? I’m not going to make any concrete decisions at this point, I just want to get drawing. Technically I have a few comics about the robots drawn already, but I think I want to redo the way they are formatted.

Either way look forward to comics very soon! (I’d feel bad that I keep promising that and not delivering if I thought anyone was reading this blog yet ^^;)