I know everything will be fine once I get everything set up properly, but I need to vent my frustrations right now while updates for my art program are downloading.

I’ve been trying most of the evening to draw in Manga Studio using my spiffy new WACOM Intros tablet and having little to no luck. The controls are floaty and laggy, despite my best efforts to correct the problem. I feel like I’ve checked everything I know to check and I’ve even consulted the almighty Google, with little success.


But, then I discovered that there is a newer version of Manga Studio that I need to upgrade to. So with that and a few other tips I haven’t tried yet, I’m hoping to solve all these issues relatively soon.

That does not alleviate the aggravation of having wasted almost an entire evening trying to get my digital setup functioning properly. It will be amazing once all of my components are speaking harmoniously to each other in a heavenly chorus of artistic joy…

But right now… I wait.AngryWaiting