Sometimes you just have to get the first one out of the way, you know?

It case it isn’t obvious, my name is Holly Dae. Yes that’s my real name. I’m starting a new blog and it’s about my journey into the world of comics. Online comics and self-published comics to be specific, so don’t go thinking you will find Marvel/DC-esque illustrations here.

Uh, lol. No.

I hope to learn more and get better at my art, but I don’t anticipate drawing people in spandex any time soon.

My comics will have humor, regular people, and everyday situations. Unless of course they’re about robots. Then who knows. Robots are crazy.

My current plan is to just draw whatever comes to mind and post it in convenient places where people might see it. I just need to get some drawing under my belt and maybe some experience storytelling as well. I hope I can find a few people that my work will resonate with and start to build a little audience, but nothing happens overnight.

Thus I start here and write posts that are likely never to be seen.